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Friday, May 1, 2009

Taking the Leap-clinician on a mission

In our daily discussions with pharmacists we usually talk to them about where they see themselves in the next couple of years. I usually ask, what is your plan for the next five years? Do you see yourself as purely a staff pharmacist, would you like to progress to the clinical side and be more involved in patient care, do you see yourself as a pharmacy manager or Director Of Pharmacy one day. It is important to know these things about candidates because not every job has a clear path for advancement especially in pharmacy, if there is no clear path then perhaps the job we were looking at for them is not the right one at all. But if there is a path then there a few ways to get on the that track. It involves familiarizing yourself with the greater aspects of hospital operations, human resources, patient care and financial management. It also involves taking a initiative on your part to show your boss and others that you are ready to lead. The more you educate yourself on these certain aspects of health care and show you are willing to take on new challenges then you will find yourself on the upward ladder towards your goal.

Click on our hyperlink to read the article on how to do it. And the path one pharmacist put himself on to management.


  1. Although, I agree with your discussion. I still feel that as professionals instead of focusing on the 'business' aspect of healthcare, we should direct our efforts in making our clinical skills more sound. Below is a nice website, where you can start.
    1. Central searchable repository of a pharmacists 'curb-side' notes.
    2. Transition between hospital and retail settings, your notes can transition with you, not your job.
    3. For access from anywhere, when I do not have direct access to my references/websites.

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